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Has it already been a month since my last entry? Man, is time flying by...like warp speed! Our month has been filled with lots of good stuff:
1. Snow days and Cold temperature days (Yea, go figure, the kiddos got out of school for temperatures that felt like 8 degrees). All of us mothers have decided that the next time the Superintendent of Schools cancels due to "cold" weather, we are dropping the kids off at his office!

2. New Carpet. Max received new carpet that was called "Carnival". I picked the color of "Carnival" because it can hide bloody noses, flu and play-doh. I think I have found the perfect carpet. Now, if it just vacuumed itself.

3. Swim lessons have started back. These are a must if I plan on working on my tan this summer. Mommy can't be jumping in the water to save her little tadpole...the tanning lotion washes off!

4. We joined a gym. Oh jolly, this has been fun. Not!

5. Max is playing Basketball at said gym, while mommy attempts to perform Body Attack (Don't ask).

6. Teacher conferences. Max came out shining like a little boy who is well on his way to Kindergarten next year. We are so PROUD!!

7. Max is running his first marathon (Covenant Health, March 28th). Now, don't go and call Family Protective Services and no, my #4 has not gone to my head. Max is running a progressive marathon. We started the first mile at the Knoxville Zoo and then we log 2 miles a week until the marathon. The last mile of the marathon is run downtown Knoxville and finishes on the 50 yard line at Neyland Stadium. Max is going to be on the Jumbo Tron.

8. This leads me to my Blackberry Storm. What great technology, you would have thought they could have worked on the camera part. The following pictures are the best I could do...yea, just pathetic :)

Have a great Valentine's Month-
Start Banner at the 1st Mile Kick Off

Max Getting Ready to Start (he is the 2nd one on the left)

Max with Some of the Zoo Characters

Max and his Friend Katie are running together


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Mary Lynn said...

Great update! Good luck on that gym thing -- I'm trying to get motivated again. Good for Max on his "runs"; how fun!!