Just Another Sunday Afternoon

Well, after a long couple of weeks of work, this was a weekend to try and catch up on things. Christy and I started our Laundry room remodel about 6 weeks ago, but this is the first weekend we have had to get it finished. I cut the countertop and installed the utility sink without too much trouble. I hate plumbing, so I will have nightmares for about a week that something is going to leak. The last touch was to tile the backsplash, we just finished grouting it before dinner, so I think we are all done.

This afternoon, Christy went shopping with some friends, so Max and I hung out together. We had lunch at the "Steak and Shake" and then went and got haircuts. Max was very good the whole time. Although, I think the lady got a little to close with the clippers. Max looks like he got a Buzz cut. Oh well, it will grow back. After that, Max went to my office with me for awhile. I moved offices to a bigger place, so Max helped me move all my books and files and re-hang my pictures. After dinner, we played Legos. Max has really gotten into the "character" Legos like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or the Policeman sets. Tonight we built a Police Helicopter. That was pretty much our Sunday. Just another good weekend at home. --Byron

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