An Amazing Photographer and Our Family Photos

I hate to have my picture taken. I would rather get a shot from the doctor than a shot from the camera.  In fact, I have never allowed a photo of me to be taken with my family or with Max. Seriously, never...until now. I am in love with the emotion captured in these shots. If you need a photographer please call this amazingly talented camera whisperer. She lives in Tampa but will travel ;)

Be still my heart...








Thank You Elizabeth!!



Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Those are great! I especially liked the one of you guys walking and the Chucks. :D

Liz said...

Christy, all those photos are INCREDIBLE! You should not fight the camera! You're adorable; Byron is handsome; and Max is . . . Max! You have a gorgeous family and you should make sure you have PLENTY of family photos that include you!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Gorgeous! You and your family are just adorable, Christy.:) My parents live in Tampa so I may have to schedule a photo shoot.:) Lori

Mary Lynn said...

Amazing!!! I would love to have some photos like that. I hope you hang several in your home. PS You are beautiful! I'm glad you finally got photos made with your family. They deserve to have Mom in the pictures.

melifaif said...

Oh wow, Christy!!!! Those look so amazing. I love em too....lil man is growing up FAST!!!! :) Good reason to get those pics in.....and yes, WITH YOU!!!!

chrissiwithab said...

The photos are wonderful. As another woman who would rather be shot or get a shot than be photographed, these would so be worth it. You look so comfortable and as if you even enjoyed the shoot. Simply wonderful. (Your son is such a cutie...)

Km said...

Oh my heaven... These are just stunning. You all are just so darn gorgeous!!!! I would never guess, by looks of these, that you weren't one hundred percent comfortable in front of the camera!!! I would love to someday have a family picture!

Tammy said...

Oh they are wonderful. And you are more beautiful than I thought. Your son is quite the charming fellow. You all look like a wonderfully happy family. Now take more photos you crazy lady- you look great.