Have you missed me?


Blogging has been sporadic.  Pinterest is sucking all my free time, along with the following:

1. A second grader who is struggling with school & 1-2 hours of homework a night.
2. Soccer (for said 2nd grader).
3. I sold my house, in 10 days with 2 contracts.
4. I am building a new one.

Yes, I am going to leave you hanging. The kitchen needs cleaning & a little man needs to earn a boy-scout badge.

I'll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

say WHA?

Wow! Sounds like an exciting time!

melifaif said...

We sooooo miss you! But baby boy needs you more. So we will survive. Can't wait to hear all the deets on the new home. Hit me up lady. We need to do lunch....

km said...

are you kidding me?????? you sold your house! no way! Just after you did all that fantastic work... I think you decorating style paid off big time. As far as 2 hours of homework per night---- it is a SAD SAD state when babies (2nd graders are still soooo young) are require to do that. NOT COOL! But I hope the moments you have together reading and "working" are fun and special! can't wait to see your journey to your new place--- it's going to be out of this world!!!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Wow! I hope you spill the rest soon.