Designer Apartments **Book Review**


Designer Apartments
published by H.F. Ullman
ISBN: 978-3-8331-6010-3

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From the Publisher:
Contemporary Houses and Designer Apartments present the highlights of modern living culture, designed and furnished by renowned architects and designers. Plentiful color photographs, artful and intriguing in themselves, portray houses and apartments from all over the world, mirroring the culture and lifestyle of their occupants. Informative text and detailed floor plans and elevations complement the illustrations. This book is a genuine pleasure for all fans of urban and modern architecture and contemporary design.

• Superlative color photographs, often fullpage, of exterior views, interior spaces, and architectural details
• Informative texts
• Detailed floor plans and elevations

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The Literary Lioness said...

I love decorating and design books! I'll have to check it out!