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Kelly Wearstler is a goddess among interior designers and fans the world over. Perhaps thatís because she is fearless and fun in her designs. Or it could be because sheís credited, along with a handful of other famous designers, for bringing back the Hollywood Regency style; a style not seen since the 1950s designs of Dorothy Draper and William Haines.  If you're a fan, consider buying and snatching up a few of her monographs. She ís published several throughout her career, but here ís a list of the must-haves.

Modern Glamour
kelly wearstler

Published in 2004, this book shows a refined selection of her residential and commercial designs. In it, she demonstrates the art of mixing styles, eras and color for an unexpected yet chic look. The image on the left is the lounge at the Viceroy Santa Monica.

Kelly Wearstler

This shot is of the bar and lounge at Viceroy Santa Monica. Her love of grandeur, glamour and color are apparent here with the forest green sofa paired with a white chandelier right above it.

Kelly Wearstler

Here she is shopping for fabric. Love the matching ribbon detail seen on that light fixture and on the chair!
Kelly Wearstler

As its title suggests, Hue explores the power of color. In this monograph, published in 2009, are more images from her residential and commercial projects.

Kelly Wearstler

Detail showing how even color can tie together the craziest of elements.

Domicilium Decoratus
Kelly Wearstler

Fans of Wearstler ís personal taste will love this book as it depicts the designs of her own home at Hillcrest Estate.

Kelly Wearstler

Shown here on the left is the detail of a statue and to the right is an eclectic, yet chic, living room. The couch flanked by table lamps, the salon-style hanging of the pictures, and the large sculptural cluster of grapes, can be taken as odd or weird, yet itís a look that works!

All of her books are available through or at your local bookstore. Make sure to visit her website for updates on other projects sheís involved in, whether itís her fashion line, working as a guest judge for a T.V. show on Bravo or working with new clients.

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