Happy Memorial Day and My New Umbrella


Yes, the patio is still a work in progress. I have been so busy lazy lately and the last thing I want to do is pick up a paint brush. But in order for the patio to be done, the back portion must be painted. I hate painting chippy, dirty concrete.

I ordered an umbrella to help bring some additional shade to the back area. I can use the umbrella with my table or I can move it out with my stand to another section of the backyard. I am still looking at some additional patio furniture / garden furniture to complete my look.  One bonus of blogging is that the fine people at www.everypatiofurniture.com sent me my umbrella for a blog post exchange.  So don't ever let them tell you blogging is not lucrative.  I think between the 3 years I have been blogging, I am averaging 1/2 cent a day on my monetary return but my return from the heart has been priceless!

So, if you are looking for a large market type umbrella (great price $49!!), you will love the one I ordered. It is on a wood pole with a very easy rope pulley system.  The umbrella opens very gracefully and gives you two different settings of openness.  I also love the neutral color!

Here is the link to the umbrella I ordered: http://www.everypatiofurniture.com/Bond-9-Market-Umbrella-Natural-Y99151.htm

Be sure to check out http://www.everypatiofurniture.com/ for all kinds of great patio and garden furniture ideas. I promise to get off my lazy butt & paint!

Have a great holiday-


km said...

It looks like the most lovely place to sit and ENJOY friends and healthy eats and drinks. :):):) I don't miss the TX heat... are you handling it okay? You need some cold weather you know where to come this fall!!!!

melifaif said...

Ooooo....lucky lady! You guys scored a LARGE backyard for Houston. Wow. Impressive...I can almost guess where you may live. But, instead...why don't you invite me over for a margarita in the backyard and we can discuss painting chippity old concrete. Cool? Cool.