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I've had several people ask where I bought Max's bunkbeds.  I bought them from Ikea and the last time I checked, they had sold out and were not offering them.  During my search, I had a pretty strict size requirement. They could not be too tall and I did not want a ladder that protruded into the room.  This lead me to several internet searches, one of them being at www.morebunkbeds.com.  If you are in the market for bunkbeds, they are worth a look.  I contacted MoreBunkBeds and asked them to guest post about their products.  I am not receiving anything in return for this guest post, nor am I affiliated with them in anyway (in fact, I have never ordered from them). Nada.  So feel free to explore their site and leave me a comment and a big THANK YOU to MoreBunkBeds for the guest post & information!


Create a Fun & Functional Kids’ Room with Bunk Beds

You want to create a room for your kids that feels fun, but still meets all your storage and functional needs. Especially if two children are sharing a room! Bunk beds can be the express route to meeting both goals. Many of today’s bunk beds feature inspired designs that are clever and artful, combining surprising features with sensible layout choices.

Storage Everywhere

Berg Furniture is a brand we love for its inventive use of flat panels and rounded edges, with storage shelving and drawers tucked in wherever possible.


Berg’s Utica design features extra shelving in both the twin-over-full bunk bed and extra drawers in the loft twin-over-desk model. Both versions use stairs instead of a ladder; a choice that’s great for safety, but also provides even more storage in the form of a drawer built into each step.

Look carefully at the variations in the contemporary wood bunk bed design below from Atlantic Furniture. You’ll note that the white model uses twin-over-full frames, but includes additional storage drawers in the bottom bunk. The mahogany full-over-full frame on the other hand, has a larger single drawer on the bottom. It’s not for storage, but rather an additional trundle bed. How much more efficient can you get?


Versatile Styles & Features

Now that you’ve seen the extra storage and design creativity that’s possible with contemporary bunk beds, let’s take a closer look at beds that can really multi task.

Like the beds above, South Shore's Imagine loft bunk bed has extra drawers and shelving added wherever possible to the frame. One side features a 3-drawer dresser and the other has a cabinet and bookshelf built in.


What makes this particular bunk bed special is the design of the central open space. Choose one or more of 3 configurations:

Use the frame as-is for a cozy play area below the bed
Add on the 2-drawer Media Chest for more dresser storage
Add on the roll-in Student Desk for homework space

Like many other modern bunks, the Imagine bunk bed can coordinate with even more furniture from the same manufacturer. Also from the Imagine collection, South Shore makes a unique partial armoire that pairs nicely with the bunk frame. Or for more flexibility, simply look for other South Shore products with the Morgan Cherry finish and still achieve a coordinated look.

However you decide to incorporate a bunk bed into your child’s bedroom, do a bit of research up front and you’ll have a stylish frame that does the work of several pieces of furniture. Not only will you be kick-starting a fun new look, but you’ll take one more step towards the elusive tidy bedroom.

Thank you MoreBunkBeds!


Anonymous said...

This is perfect. I've been looking for a bunk bed that 3 children can share in a small room. Your fourth picture w/ the two twins & trundle is exactly what I need & no protruding ladder! Thank you for this information.

*the bunkbeds are going to go in a women's/children shelter home* PERFECT for the space!

Simple Daisy said...

I don't think i'm in the market for a bunk bed...but you never know!! Are we ever really too old to appreciate hanging out in a bunk bed!?!?!? :)

Atlantic Bunk Beds said...

really a nice post that you've mate...helped me save my time searching for bunk beds as I'm also very specific in size and ladder positions of the bed.

dog walking business said...

Wow.. Very nice and cute bunk beds. I hope I can have one for my kids. I will save money for this. It's worth saving anyway.

work at home said...

wow those bunk beds are perfect for my kids. It gives some room for playing, since drawers are made in one, it's built in their beds. I would really love to get or order one for myself.