Angry Birds Plush Toy - - DIY


It started this weekend.  I went to lunch with 2 other families from Max's basketball team. One of Max's friend's little sister showed up to lunch crying.  Not just whining crying but big alligator tears of sadness.  It turns out that her dog Pinky, had eaten her plush Angry Bird toy.

Hmmmm, I can make one of those I thought to myself! So, today I did. It was not hard. I had to re-read the directions several times but it all came together.  I bought all the materials from Walmart and the project took me 2 hours to complete...with several interruptions!

I was going to give Hannah her new Angry Bird today but I did not see her in carpool line.  So I had to bring the bird back home with me. Guess who is sleeping with the Angry Bird?  I think I'd better make another one tomorrow!!

Thank you Obsessively Stitching for the amazing tutorial.


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Unknown said...

I need one just to throw at people. *Whack!* pelted with an angry bird...; o )

Be Colorful Coastal said...

Haha. Too cute. Love the game. Love the bird. :)
Pam @ BeColorful

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your DIY experience, and I am doing a feature story about Angry Birds, may I use your story and interview u ? If it is OK, please email me.