My Love of White

I found this home via Inspiring Interiors and they give credit via 1st Option. Something about white is so calming to me.  I love the textures that are noticed with white and the pops of color in accents.  I am also on the hunt for those double sinks, so if anyone has a resource, please leave me a comment.













mysteryhistorymom said...

I feel refreshed just looking at these pictures. Gorgeous. I want to climb in and live there... Lori

Anonymous said...

you're right - even the most subtle color contrast seems to make a noticable impact in each room. I don't think the white floors would work for me, but they look spectacular in this gorgeous home.

Kyla Armstrong said...

That would be my husband's dream home . . . he wants everything and white and clean! LOL

elizabeth said...

oh my - how do you find all the homes I love - this is totally my style - loving it and the sinks and everything about it. I just may have to do all white for the new home!!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Wow. I am a dirt magnet, though; I'd never be able to keep the place clean. Actually, it might be clean but I wouldn't be...

Yes, the double sinks ARE amazing.

I'm here thanks to the new post at Ning, about followers. Nice to have met you! I hope you'll stop in at West of Mars.