Foyers without Rugs

Do you use a rug in your foyer/entry? I have noticed in my idea files that most of my foyer pictures do not have rugs. Don't you need a rug in the foyer to help collect dirt? Am I missing something? What do you do?

bear hill interiors foyer beach
BTW, I love this wallpaper!


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Skona Hem




This is what is happening today...


...and NO, I am not drunk, just crooked (I still have not replaced my liquor after this).

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Turley Times said...

I have a rug in my foyer. I am too practical not to have one! Mine is an indoor/outdoor rug from Ballard Designs and it is very thin and not cushy like other types of rugs. I think it does the job and looks nice without being super formal like a rug in a formal living room might.


Anonymous said...

Our rug in our mud room saves my carpet! Its amazing how much dirt I find under it every week, and about once a month it is beat and washed.

However, our foyer doesn't have a rug, because we don't use that door. Most of our friends know to come to the mud room.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

We don't have a rug in our foyer, it's easier to clean the floor up with kids and dogs with no rug.

Unknown said...

Well A- We don't have a traditional foyer and B- The way our dog runs around like a bat outa' hell? That rug would be a hot rumpled mess at all times. I like both looks. Rug and no rug. You decide ;)

And p.s.? How the hell did I miss that insane cabinet/booze drama!?? Freakin' tragedy!!!!!

michelle said...

We don't have a foyer so I am lovin all these! However, our laundry/entry room from the garage does not have a rug it has a big doggie blanket! :)

elizabeth said...

I have a rug only because I am anal about dirt on the floors - it's one of my faults -
can't wait to see your new doors -please post pictures

need to set your alcohol cabinet up again!!!

Simple Daisy said...

I'm not much of a rug girl myself!! But with 2 dogs I would prefer to not have a stich of carpeting anywhere in my home!

Chris -East Coast Suburbanite said...

love those photos. I don't have a rug in our entry but that's because I have such a hard time deciding.

KatYLina said...

Question? do you pronounce it FoieYur or FoiAye?