Progressing and a Home with No Kitchen

We are progressing nicely.  Actually, we are in the throws of demo so everything is dust covered and gritty.  Not my favorite part.  We have no kitchen.  The electrical is slowly being installed and upgraded.  The flooring will hopefully get moving next week.  We are looking for a "put everything back together" date of 10-30. Keep your fingers crossed.  Of course, that will be without wall paint and countertops but should be a working "enough" kitchen.


Of course we found plumbing pipes in one of the torn out soffits. So now I am waiting on a plumber to come out and re-route these pipes so my drywall guy can repair the walls! Always something unexpected :)

I have fallen in love with my landscaper (sorry Byron!). So if anyone in the Houston area needs an incredible thinker, just do it, hard worker, trustworthy landscaper (trims trees, cleans gutters, yards maintenance, landscape designer, budget conscience), let me know. Luis rocks!

I have to show you the more time!

AFTER! ...yes, the halloween decor is terrible!




Simple Improvements!

We are slowly making progress.



michelle said...

The yard looks great! I love the paver/slates that he added!! I am also loving the brick in your kitchen area or maybe that is the fireplace in first pic? Anyway it is so gorgeous and warm! Good luck this week and crossing my fingers for you!!

Elizabeth Holder said...

love your landscaper too!! my favorite was also the paving stones!! good choice -
can't wait to see the kitchen when it's done
looks like lots of take out huh?

Unknown said...

What are you talking about? The Halloween decor is great!! VERY spooky ;) How fun- A new kitchen just as you want it! Can't wait to see it all come together. What are the finishes you went with?

Simple Daisy said...

Here's to making progress!!!

KM said...

You are making AMAZING progress!!!! Come stay with me for a week and let the boys do all the work. :):) and since you are longing for a working kitchen you can even cook for us! :):):) Keep up the GREAT WORK! You'll be done SOON! VERY SOON!

Unknown said...

Could you send me your landscaper's contact info? So glad to see you are settling in!

Flourishing Networks said...

I love the halloween decorations they look great. The yard looks fantastic - hubby is working on ours at the moment - can not wait for the finishing product.