Kitchen cabinets and other going-ons...

I am trying. Like really trying but I can't seem to give my money away.  It started with my appointment with Lowes.  I told Ben, my kitchen designer, that I was not crazy about Kraftmaid cabinets. The price is a little high and the finish for what I want is not great.  So, what does Ben price out for me? Kraftmaid.  When I ask him to re-do the quote, I received a half-ass attempt of re-working my design and quote.  He also would not help me with appliances.  So, I left frustrated, rushed and without a firm quote.

So next up is Home Depot.  I call my nearest Home Depot to make an appointment with a kitchen designer and I am told by the person answering the phone that they can't make me an appointment.  I was like, "What?"  I just want to make an appointment...for you know, a future date, to design my kitchen and spend my money.  He told me that the kitchen designer was not in today and he did not know when he would return or how to make an appointment. Really?  So, I tweeted Home Depot, got a response to the effect that they were sorry and would make the appointment for me. I never heard another word.

Ok, 0-2.  Next up is Best Buy. I thought that surely with all the advertising dollars being spent by Best Buy to describe their stellar appliance knowledge and customer service, that I would at least be able to get my appliances ordered. That was a huge debacle.  Let's just say that the kid working in cameras who covers appliances doesn't know squat.

This leaves me with Ikea.  Not because I want to save money but because I am better off just doing this myself. I am so sick of people. Here is what I have designed on the Ikea web site.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Kitchen BEFORE (just a reminder):




I've also hired a guy to strip off this grass paper (that is glued directly to the drywall paper) and re-float the walls.

This guy is also going to frame us in a smaller doorway (into the office) because I am going to take the front door, re-finish it and hang it barn-door style.  So, hopefully the front door guys show up Monday morning to measure for my new front door.  I have also decided to take down the front door bars.

Barn door example.

This is what I want for my front door, minus the overhead transom.
H&G Aust 2

All in all, lots going on but not a lot happening yet. I am trying to be patient :)



michelle said...

Oh that sucks!! Sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself. I have found that costumer service has been just awful lately!! Not sure what it is but companies just don't seem to care about the CUSTOMER!!! I hope that IKEA can perform for you! I like the design you made! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

You are going to love your new kitchen. There is something very rewarding about diy. You have to check out Sarah Richardson's kitchen remodel in her country home. She had a very similar layout to yours. And she used IKEA cabinets! The result was stunning! Best of luck! Oh and check out dhs_dallas(3626) for appliances on ebay. The store is called Designer Home Surplus and their prices are crazy good! Great customer service as well.

Mommy said...

Just a suggestion...have you checked with any local cabinet makers? Now, I know they will not be as inexpensive as IKEA but they might come close to Lowes or HD. We were initially going to go with Lowes/HD but a local cabinet maker came in about the same price. Just a never know until you ask. Thanks for sharing your new project. Love it!

elizabeth said...

I am so in love with the barn door!!! Can't wait to see the finished product - please post photos with the on-going project -
sorry no one will take your money - but I have heard Home Depot isn't the best about installing kitches - atlease that's what our builders told us when we built - lot's of complaints on them -
hang in there - thinking of you and sending hugs
Hope you had a good weekend w/the hubby

Flourishing Networks said...

Love the barn door and entrance way!!!

Debbie Albrough said...
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Debbie Albrough said...
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Debbie Albrough said...
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Debbie Albrough said...

you will love the Ikea hardware ... and ease of use - check out - an entire website dedicated to Ikea and heavy on kitchens...

It really helped with mine..

Debbie Albrough said...
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Debbie Albrough said...
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Debbie Albrough said...

sorry for the many posts - my computer locked up - didn't realize it was posting so many duplicates.

melifaif said...

Grrrr.....on trying to GIVE AWAY your money and no one wanting to take it! Ha. Love the barn door idea, too cute. So, now that you are in Houston....are we gonna get to meet?

Kitchen said...

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Unknown said...

I swear people at Home Depot and Lowe's are so useless and annoying. Every time I go and need help I have to schlep my shit all over the store to find someone that knows about anything. I started going to the little Ace Hardware. It's most expensive for some items but the knowledgeable advice is worth it. Your kitchen is going to be sweet! Love the chandelier!!