Dear Armstrong Flooring~

I need help.

I am moving from TN to TX in 17 days.  My new "much older" home needs new flooring.  If I was not so overwhelmed with the moving process, trying to enroll my son in private school, deal with a business traveling husband, gut a kitchen, gut a master bathroom, hook up a security system, find and hire contractors, juggle a dog and cat & if all this was not enough, I need to decide if I am going to try and live in all the construction mess or stay in a hotel for 30 days (yes, that was the longest sentence in history). Did I mention this is all happening in 17 days?

I have visited your web site. I have ordered tons of samples (btw, super fast shipping)! I. Can't. Make. A. Decision.  Can you help?  Here are my inspirational photos:





My Home Ideas 2


I like wide planks, glueless and I believe that laminate will fit my budget the best. This house is in a neighborhood of $150-$200k homes built in the 1950's.  My cabinets will be white and appliances stainless. I am hoping for a white apron sink and either Rain Cloud or Cirrus White by Corian for a countertop.  This is a BEFORE picture of the kitchen but I will be installing this flooring throughout the living room, dining room, foyer, study, kitchen & laundry room (unless you recommend a better solution & carpet in the bedrooms).


Can you please recommend some flooring options for a casual, cottage look?  I have already had the space measured so I just need to pick out the floor and get it ordered. 

Thank you Armstrong for your time. 

Some Ideas on the Armstrong Site:
*I have no idea if these are in my price range


Destination Seaborn said...

Lots of decisions to be made...I love the direction your kitchen is taking! Remember to breathe...! Lisa

katherinemarie said...

WOW! Talk about a pretty crazy and wonderful next month or two or TEN! It will so be worth it when you are complete!!!! We have floors just like your last sample. I didn't even see the inside of our house... just the floors through the window and I knew the house had to be mine. I also love the FIRST one too!

Scientific Housewife said...

Love the examples you showed!

Armstrong said...

I checked with one of our principle designers and this is the response she gave after reviewing your post.

In our laminate collection we have New England Long Plank and White Wash Walnut, maybe the Hickory Barely Harvest in Reserve….would also be a good choice (for a beach look).

In real wood….Rural Living would be the best bet (the laminate Barely Harvest is a knock off of this). Or Century Estate, but it has a higher gloss.

The New England Long plank is a new product, so you may not have seen it in your earlier search -- here is a link:

Anonymous said...

my favorites were the first too choices you mentioned - just my thoughts though -
love having the white cabinets w/ white counters - can't wait to see the finished product -
oh yeah - hotel room!!!!!! No dust, no mess - and it has a pool!

elizabeth said...

sorry Christy - anonymous was really me - I accidently hit the wrong key!!

Mary said...

Good luck with the move and picking out flooring! I love all of these inspiration images!!

Brady Beeson said...

Here is another company to check out! I love their products. We own a flooring store, and I just updated the rack...they have some new, amazing looking products. My husband installs tile, so I am naturally a tile lover..and a lover of wood flooring, but I have to say this line is pretty darn amazing, makes me think..hmmmm..maybe laminate is the way to go...

Hardwood laminate floors said...

These days the option for flooring is so widely varied you may surely get a little confused when deciding on which flooring you want.

Copycat Creator said...

I love the Barley Harvest!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

I don't know if you made a decision about your flooring by now....but we are having a vinyl "plank" flooring installed this Thursday in our kitchen. It's Armstrong's Nature Creations Arbor ARt weathered oak flooring. The planks are 8" widex36". we are also going to be painting our cabinets cream etc and can't wait for the floor to "ground" the room. If you haven't chosen yet and would like to see our floor when it's done email me and I will send you a photo.
I happened on your blog while blog hopping btw.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

here is a link to what we got:

you can get it at Home Depot but I would NOT recommend having them install it. We ended up findind a local flooring place that was able to get the material at the HD price and install it. I found them way more knowledgable and professional than HD.