You Light Up My Lego


These are the greatest gifts for kids ever! Hours and hours of fun. I bought the key chains for the girls and the head lights for the boys. Brilliant Lego Brilliant!


Have a great weekend!


Lego is not selling these items online (in stores only) but I did find them on Amazon:
LEGO Head Lamp
Play Visions LEGO Super Bright LED Key Flash Light


elizabeth said...

those are awesome gift ideas!!!
Oh to have little kido's again..

~Shari said...

Cool gift ideas!!!

I want to get one for Hannah.

Cackleberry Homestead said...

Oh my gosh - my boys would so love these - off to find some! I have legos all over my house and everytime we go to the store it's to buy legos. Not so much to build things but to get the darn guys that come in them.

katherine marie said...

Mason is turning SIX on SUNDAY! He would LOVE these! GREAT TIP! What else should I get him?! :):)