Pantry Hoarders UNITE!

Before         After
Pantry collage

A couple of weeks ago, my son's school was collecting food for the local food pantry and I was about to miss the collection deadline. So instead of heading out to the store to buy food for donation, I shopped my own pantry. You see, I am a food hoarder.  Not to make light of the disease, but what is with all the food? I am always fearful of running out or not having an ingredient for a recipe.  You would think that I did not live within 7 miles of a grocery store!

This is what my before picture is all about:

This is my after:
Pantry After

Not a big change, I know. I ended up filling TWO 13gal. trash bags: one for trash, one for donation.

Here are some truly amazing pantries. ENJOY!







Now go check out this post (it will be up around 10am) from The Best Mom on the Block (another pantry hoarder):

Picture 2



Packing Supplies | Packaging Supplier said...

I'm really impressed your pantry store. I took everything out from the pantry and sprayed it with insecticides! I even put moth balls in my pantry. This morning I opened the pantry door AND a few of little insect are still inside! Oh, god!

Best Regards,

Ellz said...

Great pantry makeover. I have to reorganize mine about every month or so. It gets disorganized so fast.

JoAnn said...

I have a skinny pantry like the second photo you posted and it is awful. Like the photo, my door opens against wall, which drastically limits access. I am sure it was designed by a man!

It could have been designed with the hinges on the left, which would have allowed the door to swing open more! But would a man think about that? LOL

The Single Nester said...

Great job! Think of all the tasty things you will make from all the goodies in your pantry.

katherinemarie said...

WOWSERS!!!!! GREAT JOB! Doesn't it feel great to be organized?

Every couple months I go on a rampage and take everything out of my pantry--- it's amazing the stuff we have that we don't even know we have.

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Loving your pantry! I recently turned a coat closet that is located inmy dining room into a pantry and I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did a great job on the organizing, it looks great! You will have to beat people off with a baseball bat to keep it that way, but oh-it will be worth it!

Oh, and can I say.... the one pic of the pantries with just the mixer, crockpot, and tools.. made me all mushy inside. SIGH.... :)

Destination Seaborn said...

Great pantry and makeover! Now can you come to Ohio and teach me how to grocery shop?

Thanks for dropping by and showing your love! Have a Happy Valentines Day!


Ashley said...

Um....those other pantries can't be real....

Anonymous said...

I say you did an great job with your pantry. I too re-organized and went one step further. I used wicker baskets to put all those little bottles that always fall over...inside. They really added some style as well as a neat factor.
Compliments on your blog. Very nice.