My 2010 Gotta Do List

1.  Buy something off Craig's List. Yes, some of you seasoned Craigers are probably laughing, but I am so intimidated. I hate calling and I dread having to drive to some strangers house to pick up an item.

2. Refinish Furniture. This one goes hand-in-hand with #1.

3. Go to Church Regularly and join a Sunday School class.

4. The Couch to 5K Running Plan.

5.  Learn Upholstery.

6.  Take a Wood Working Class.

7.  Enroll Max in Chef's Academy Classes.

8.  Buy or Make a Rain Barrel.

10. Buy a Piano (again #1).

11. Refinish a Piano (#2).

12. Buy Bunk Beds and Re-do Max's Room.

13. Buy or Create a Chore & Behavior Chart for Max (AbbiesHouse, MsBeehaveDesigns or MadeByMommie).

14. Financial Peace Jr. for Max.

16. Read Visual Poetry.

**Sorry I have been absent the last couple of days. The holidays, vacation and Max have finally caught up with me and I have not had time for any "computer time".  BUT don't worry, I have lots of fun and inspiring ideas ready to post.  Max goes back to school tomorrow (Yippee!).**

Happy New Year, Friends!!


Tammy said...

Hey the list. I have to check out that better blog in 30 days thing. But here is another option for chore charts...

have a great tuesday.

Shannan Martin said...

Sunday School is where it's at! It took me a long time to jump on board, because I grew up in a church w/o it. But it's become a lifeline of ours now. Good luck! Oh, and I've never bought anything on Craigslist, either.

Anonymous said...

I like the chore chart idea. I need that at my house. I like that couch to 5K program! Happy New Year.


Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

Oh watch out for Craig's list. It's like heroine for amateur decorators!

Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

So glad that I'm not the only who suffers from Craigs List Phobia!! Good luck!

Heidi said...

I discovered your blog through another and just started following. I could have written half that list! More specifically, the Couch to 5K (printed it off yesterday) and the join a Sunday school class (I took home the schedule on Sunday.) Why on earth are they so intimidating! You'd think as a pastor's kid I would have gotten over that a long time ago. :)

Good luck!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Great list!! :) We have some similar goals. :)

elizabeth said...

like your list -
you sound so organized!!!
anxious to see your craigs lists finds!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Perhaps you can buy a barrel off of Craigslist and make a rainbarrel out of it? I just saw one this week on our local Craigslist and was thinking of doing just that. But the barrel is an ugly shade of green so I'm still thinking about it.

katherinemarie said...

LOVE the LIST! I need to make one!!!!

You really can find the most amazing treasures and deals on craigs list... :):)

Thanks for the serious TIME-TO-GET-MOVING inspiration!

Linz said...

As a very broke college student, Craigslist has often been my saving grace for furniture (pretty much everything except my mattress, in fact!)... if you're worried about picking things up alone, bring a friend. I always do that since I don't feel comfortable going to a stranger's house alone. It's worth it, there's great finds to be had on there!

Kim said...

I see that you are wanting to buy bunk beds. Have you seen the blog knock off wood? It is awesome. An awesome woman started it and she makes simple...yes simple plans that "knock off" Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, etc. Check it out. She builds everything herself and gives you the plans. You can made a pine bed for $50, then make another for $50, then attach. She shows you how. Please give it a look!