Chicken Coops and Hen Houses

Blame it on Martha. In fact, I like to blame lots of stuff on Martha Stewart. She has this way of making things that are really, really hard...look really, really easy. I hate her. I love her. Is this even possible?

Years ago, I was watching Martha on TV and she did a special on her chickens. She made those filthy beast look glamours. She made collecting fresh eggs look like an art.  She made me feel like owning chickens would make me skinnier, wealthier and people would like me more. How does she do this?

Anyway, here is a collection of chicken coops and hen houses for that day I decide to become skinnier, wealthier and more popular. I guess I can dream right?





Holland Hen Houses


I do believe that my husband would dis-own me if I came home with chickens. I know my HOA would!!

*You can click on the picture for the source, except for picture #3, I don't have a source.*


PS. This is my kind of Chicken Coop...Check out Destination Seaborn.


rosie/the fabric shopper said...

Love them. I was just reading my latest Mary Jane's mag and was debating again about whether Hubby and I could really maintain a little hen house. Now you've got me going again :-)

Destination Seaborn said...

That darm Martha, she makes everything look easy. Love those little houses though! Lisa

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I do love Martha. :) You have to wonder, though, how many she people she pays just to take care of her chickens. ;)

LOVE the coop photos. My in-laws live out in the "country" on several acres and they have a pretty big collection of chickens going on. ;) I love the free eggs we get. :)

Tammy said...

Yes she does make them seem glamourous doesn't she? But having had chickens at a minifarm when I was 14 - they are anything but. They stink and they peck at you in a mean way. But we all love eggs don't we? Or well I love eggs used in my choc chip cookies :)
They sure do look cute in your pics though.
And yes you can love and hate Martha- it is called a love/hate relationship- You love to hate her :)

The Painted Home said...

you're right...chickens do not make you skinny or rich...i can vouch fir that...i have coop # 2 (mines not red thought), featured here -

it was modeled after that same photo. the chicks are really easy, and all the neighborhood kids love them. don't tell my township though!

Unknown said...

I'm in training. I have a coop on Farmville ;)

katheirnemarie said...

darn you! NOW I need chickens too... no fair...

when I first saw this post I was thinking PLAY HOUSES--- now that maybe I can REALLY do! Can you post your very favorite {back yard}playhouses---pretty please??? I bet you have some amazing in mind. :):):)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. I have been trying to convince my husband we would be happier on a farm! He is not buying it (the farm that is ;))!. I would love to try it but I do realize all the work it would take and the possibilty that i may never be Martha. She sets the bar so darn high. AllisnF

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.