Totally Tulle Tutorial - No Sew!


I had to borrow a cute little neighbor girl for this tutorial. Max just would not have it. I even told him I would buy him something Star Wars -- He still said "No Way"!  That's OK, cute McK to the rescue...

What you need:
1. Tulle by the yard. You can buy this at Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, Fabric Stores and Walmarts with Craft Departments.  I bought 5 yards and had plenty left over.
2. Elastic.  You can buy it packaged in the notion section of the above stores. I bought 1/8 inch Braided Soft Stretch Elastic. There is no wrong here, any thickness should work. Even ribbon should work.  Cut the elastic/ribbon to fit your child's waist and tie the ends together (if using elastic). If you are using ribbon, I would knot near the ends so the tulle will not slide off but leave enough ribbon to tie around your child's waist in a bow.
3. Misc. ribbons, jewels, garlands, trims etc.


How-To: After measuring the elastic to fit and tying  the ends together, stretch around a pot, notebook or chair (like I did). Cut the tulle into ~14 inch strips. Tie each strip around the elastic. You can stack two different colors on top of each other and then tie around the elastic. Really, anything goes!  Continue adding tulle strips until the elastic is covered. You can make the tulle as full or thin as you like. Then tie about a dozen ribbons, spaced evenly around the skirt.

Check out this site for other ideas.

TA - DA!

Even Daisy got in on the fun!

**This would be a great skirt to make with your children and donate to the Princess Alexia Foundation** Please check out their link and consider donating. This is an amazing organization!




Ellz said...

Really cute. My daughter is all into dressing up. She would like this. Thanks.

Elie (Ellz Readz)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Awesome tutorial!! Thanks for sharing. :) My girls love love love tutus.

Ashley said...

SO cute!!! LOL....Daisy is s good sport ;)

Anonymous said...