Just some **HAPPY** Pictures

All these pictures had two things in common: 1) The picture made it into my "idea" folder and 2) Some element of the picture appealed to me. I will try to describe that element in each picture.

Chalk Board paint on furniture. How cute is this?

Look at this little cubby for animals. Love this!

Ahhh, my black and white. I love the crisp contrast and "pop" of color.

Wine crate wood floors. This would be great in a cellar.

This shade of blue makes me happy.

Another great shade of blue. Love the doggy door (& the boots).

I can so see myself in this house. Can you imagine the little path to the beach? I can!

Another happy blue, another happy kitchen. I love all the texture in this kitchen!

Have a Happy Day!


Hello said...

love the chalkboards. I'm trying to figure out how I can incorporate one in our home.

Katherine Marie! said...

Happy Happy indeed! But sometimes when I see such decorated loveliness I get SAD SAD instead. My house is so blah blah boring--- okay not every room, but all adult rooms. That's why I need you as my personal home stylist. :):)

Leslie said...

Blog hopping and I came across your cute blog. I've always wanted to make a chalkboard project. That one that you found is so cute.

Lots of "Happy" pictures!

Stop by if you get a chance. I've got a giveaway going on that you might like.

Haven and Home said...

Those make me happy!

Creative Chronicler said...

I love the pet cubbie idea and the chalk board paint on the furniture. I actually bought chalk board paint to put on the doors of my computer hutch over a year ago and have still not gotten around to it. But I did line the inside of one door with cork board and the inside of the other with metal, so my project is at least half done.

Thanks for the great pictures & ideas.