One Project Closer WINNER!


I won! But more importantly, Habitat for Humanity won. A couple of weeks ago, Centsational Girl blogged about a contest she had won, of course, I am a sucker for a good "before & after". So, I entered and today they announced my laundry room as a weekly winner. I received a $25 gift card and Habitat for Humanity received a $35 donation. Win-Win.

Head on over to One Project Closer and get your "before & afters" entered. There is only 3 weeks left!

Here's my Laundry Room "before & after":

Laundry BeforeAfter




Beth Vason said...

Christy - I love your website! I cry all over again reading the adoption journal! Can you email me your address and your Mom's address. Tucker became an Eagle this summer and we are having a ceremony for him in a few weeks. I know it is to far for you all to come, but thought you could show Max the invitation and tell him one of his cousins is an Eagle Scout. Time passes so fast, Tucker will graduate this year and really hopes to go to Georgia Tech (I think I remember Byron graduated from Tech so any possitive vibes he can send as Tucker sends off his application is appreciated!). You will blink and Max will be graduating so enjoy every day! Love, Beth

Room to Inspire said...

Wow, this before and after is amazing. I am SO jealous! It looks fabulous...laundry would be so much more fun in here :)