It's Twins!









I just love twin beds or maybe it's the coastal cottage feel they depict. As a kid, I would think a bunk room would be the ultimate in cool. We have been thinking about getting Max a set of bunkbeds...What's your opinion?



Amanda said...

I love the built-in beige set (3rd pic), but you need super high ceilings for that! They're all gorgeous!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I loooove the built-in ones! :) I had bunk beds with my sister growing up. They were great until we got older and wanted our own spaces. I think they're lots of fun for younger kids. :)

Room to Inspire said...

These images are magnificent! Oh, yes...I love bunk beds. So much fun - especially for sleepovers :)


Susie Q said...

I love the bunk beds. We had bunks for our boys...and then some. They have had different iterations, directly over each other, at an angle so the dresser could go under there, as twin beds and finally in separate rooms. At this time, oldest daughter has one bed in her room, youngest daughter has one in her room that I finally painted and one in the garage. When oldest daughter goes to college (!) next year, youngest daughter will get either bunks in her room or two twin beds. I need to start keeping my eye out now for bedspread or comforters for both of them. I'll paint the 2nd one also, probably put the bookcase between the beds...or something. The room has a large window on one wall and a floor vent for the heater/a/c on another wall so I'm having a hard time deciding the layout...but I have a year so.......

Shannan Martin said...

Calvin is begging for bunk beds! You should totally get some for Max. And then, of course, another little body to put in the bed. :)

Arianna Belle said...

I definitely would have loved to have bunk beds as a little girl growing up!