Vegetable Gardens...


I want a vegetable garden. One of those cute raised bed gardens. I also want a cute fence around the garden, with cute little name tags. I also want the garden to plant, sow and weed itself. 

Enjoy some of these great ideas. Most of them came from (unless otherwise stated).

1. Getting Started, Plan your Garden (click for "how to" link):
2. Fine Tuning: I love this lettuce garden & these bell jars...I am in love!

Talk about the modern garden! This is not my Uncle Paul's garden....

Raised beds are so cool! I want these...
ss_101300375  ss_101300373

Great garden but look at that view!
ss_100675010  ss_100675048

Even the smallest spaces can have a garden.

How about this for a potting space? I heart this!!

This is a great "how to" for building raised vegetable beds.

What kind of garden do you have? What works best?

Check out these blog resources:

Be sure to check out the party at Hooked on Houses...XOXO


Alison said...

OMG! I am in love...such cool pictures/ideas! Let me know what you end up doing.

Nancy said...

I once had a garden with raised beds and I tell you that is the way to go! You can sit on the edge and not kill you back.

Suzy said...

All our gardens are raised, even the hosta garden is raised 3ft off the ground surrounding our back it! Thanks for sharing!

Edwina - HouseAHolic said...

That garden with the view and the little white fences is gorgeous.

Makes me feel guilty about the wide expanse of nothingness that is our backyard...

Alea Milham said...

I have raised beds. It is a nessecity with all of the rabbits that visit our yard. Really, I secretly covet Mr. McGregor's Garden!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I'm afraid mine is too practical to be so lovely, but I sure would love it to look like these!

used cars holstein said...

I started a square foot gardening container this year.

Shannan Martin said...

We put in 10 raised beds this year and love them. They are SO easy to weed and care for! Reminds me that I need to post some updated pics of mine...not sure how cute it is, but it's producing some mighty fine veggies!

Bdubba said...

I blogged about my "garden" at the Hooked On party. Mine is on my patio but I do aspire to have a raised bed as you wish when I am able to purchase a house.

Unknown said...

Fantastic and informative Veggie garden post! I use square foot gardening as I have a small yard...Have a wonderful weekend!
~Really Rainey~

Blue Muse said...

gorgeous, gorgeous garden ideas and photos. Gardens are living art!