More "Gotta Have It"

I am back from our weekend adventure to Disney's Hollywood Studio's STAR WARS.  I will have much more to post on this topic soon, like in a year or two, after I recover.

In the meantime, enjoy two more recommendations of products I have just started buying:

This is an amazing bug repellant product. I first bought it at Walmart but can no longer find it in the stores. Luckily, they have a great website and I was able to order direct. I received my order in 3 days!  Max has terrible reactions to mosquito bites, so we are always applying creams and smelly sprays. Well, this product is a simple patch that he wears on the upper arm, no smell (did I say NO SMELL?), no grease. He loves it...I love how simple it makes my life.  What do I always say? If it makes my life simpler, then it gets my endorsement!

I first used this product in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort Spa. The spa had this beautiful Infusion Jar made up with the Tea Extract and water. They then added slices of orange, lemon and lime.  It was heavenly! The most refreshing water I have ever tasted.  This company has lots of great looking products, so do your research. I have only tried the "Green Tea Extracts" but will be ordering others in the future!

I have so much to blog about...lots of stay tuned! I will try and blog something of interest (I might be the only one interested) everyday :)


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Mary Lynn said...

Great to know!! As always, thanks for sharing!