I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen...and a giveaway!

How come you always want what you don't have? Anyone want to help me paint my cabinets white (and re-tile the floor, and the backsplash, and the plumbing, and the appliances, and the countertops, and the lighting and, and, and)? Anyone?

Leave me a comment with which one of these kitchens is your favorite and I will be having a drawing for a $20 Home Depot gift card.  That's it...one comment and you are entered to win! Make sure you include your email.  Contest ends June 18th at 9pm EST.  Shhh, Don't tell Byron!

These are a few of my favorites. Which one is your favorite?

White Kit 2-1









#10 (This one's for you non-kitchen types!)

A girl can dream, right?

Sorry for not being able to give credit for these photos!  Please don't sue me!!


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

#2 definitely. But its not necessarily anything in the kitchen that I was in love with as much as the windows and beadboard. LOVE the windows. With as much as you love to cook, Christy, you need a high end kitchen! K.

We could use a Home Depot with all the house expenses right now!!!


Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

What if I like a few things about each...? Love the blk/wht checkerboard floor and marble tops in #2 and #5 (same kitchen). Love the shade light fixtures in #6. Mirror in the kitchen is a little weird to me? Love the cabinets in #7. Love the color walls in #3. White upholstered chairs in a kichen/breakfast room scare me. Love a wooden table and chairs to warm it up like in #6. Love the black hutch in #3 to ground the room.
Okay so I guess it's really not a white kitchen. Truth be told I'm a color girl, I don't have a single white wall in my entire house!

Sherry said...

I really like 2 and 4, but I too think it's the great windows! I do love the dark floors with the white kitchen. The cook in our family would say 10 for sure!!

Kim said...

Lucky #7 is the one I like best!

Betsy said...

I am with anonymous upthread in that i like something about most of these. I like the black mirror in 1, floor and windows in 2, shades in 6 are awesome, 8 has a multi room feel that i like, and I love the distressed table with the chandeleir-kind of like jeans with pearls!

Byron Bright said...

I think I should win the prize. I vote for the cheapest kitchen. - Love ya Byron

Alison said...

#1 would be my choice. The back splash in most of the choices will go out of style in time so it depends on how long you'll be there.
I also like the outdoor kitchen.
Do you get Florida Design mag? You'd love it!

Alicia Coates said...

All the kitchens are beautiful, but DEFINITELY #7!! The subway tile backsplash, dark granite countertop, and wood floor are classics that will never go out of style, plus they're practical surfaces for a mom of a rambunctious boy. The white painted floor in #1 will be disaster in a couple of years, as will the white marble countertops in #'s 2-6 (white marble stains very easily). Did I mention that I'm a designer, I specialized in kitchen design for 7 years, AND I also have a white kitchen?!! You're a girl after my own heart, Christy!


Christine & Jack said...

I like 2 & 4. White is always a classic! Good Luck, I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

#3 and #4 are definitely you!