Christmas 2008

I think this might be the most "magical" year for Max at Christmas. He really understands everything better than he did last year. This year he really got into the Santa story. We made sure we left out cookies for Santa and food for his reindeer. This was a quiet Christmas since we didn't have any family in town, but we got to spend a lot of quality time together. We went bowling and saw a movie before Christmas, then we had a big Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As usual, Christy went out of her way in the cooking department, more food than we needed, but it was all delicious. We have labeled this year's menu as "Brown Sugar and Butter".

For once, I didn't have to work at all over the Holidays, so I think Max has really enjoyed our time playing. We have done more Star Wars and Legos than I think I did my entire childhood. We are heading out to the mountains tomorrow to go snow skiing with Christy's Mom and Brother, we've been planning this trip since June so that we get to go see Max's new cousin, Baby Lauren. Below are a few pictures and videos of our fun over the last few days...Have a Happy New Year!

Max always wins!
Even Bella got into the Christmas spirit...Catnip helps!
Cookies for Santa
And food for his reindeer
Christmas Morning Surprise!!!
Star Wars was the big hit this year!

LightSaber Duels on the Wii...(this was really a present for me!)

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Mary Lynn said...

Great pics and I am so happy you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the birthday fun and New Year's with Grandmommy!!