An Over-Scheduled Kid!

How about "an over-scheduled" mom! Max is now playing soccer and participating in karate. He is becoming a great athlete. He is the youngest member of the soccer team but has a very competitive streak. One of the other parents at soccer tonight told me that "what Max's has can't be taught, he is a natural athlete". Now if we can just get him to understand that it is soccer not football he is playing!

This past Saturday Max tested and received his yellow belt. I don't know if he really understood the importance of what he was achieving but he had a great time! His girlfriend Emmie came to watch him and then stayed the night. They always have a great time together and she is just as competitive. She has a real knack of keeping him in line.

Can you believe how big he has gotten? Max is still attending preschool. He does not turn 5 until November 28th. At first it was hard for him, all his friend went off to Kindergarten and he did not understand why he was not going. But, with this new year, new friends. He has a new friend coming over on Saturday. Emmie is jealous and I have a feeling she will end up over here too!
Byron is out of town a lot this month (and next). He had a huge win for Federal Operations. He has been on cloud nine and I could not be prouder! I have been working for Davaco, doing brand merchandising. I love my job! I work about 7 days a month and get to set my own schedule. I go out of town for one night every other's been kind of own mini getaway!
Until next...I hope everyone has a great day. I will try to update more often! Give me some time to get use to this "blog thingy"!

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Mary Lynn said...

Love the pictures of Max and the update! I love your blog design as well!