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1000 Ideas for Home Design & Decoration 
by Mariana R. Equares Etchetto
Rizzoli May 2010
ISBN: 978-0789320711

This is a stunning book with over 400 pages of architecture, interior spaces and object design. Any reader, be it the novice homeowner or a more seasoned design professional will thoroughly enjoy the uses of creativity in space, lighting, color & furniture.  The book also goes in depth on flooring, wall coverings, window treatments and color schemes, and covers all areas of your home and spaces.

I am always on the lookout for innovative design and pictures of "new" ideas. This book delivers. Will I implement some of these ideas verbatim? Probably not. However, I will use the ideas presented by the author to help develop my room designs.  I love the use of innovative products, textures and color that the author displays throughout this book. This is a grownup's design book. This is art.

The many full color photographs reflect modern, current, fresh design. Some of these interiors are in commercial settings and offer a real treat to all taste and design jobs. There is really something here for everyone. This book belongs in everyone's design arsenal of "go to" books for inspiration.

Think Architectural Digest meets Elle Decor meets Dwell.

5 stars.

**This is the first ebook I have reviewed. At first I thought it would be cumbersome to flip through the pages and get a "real" feel for the book on my computer (I am still "old-school" and like to hold real paper) but then I decided to download this book on my new Ipad. Whoa sister, having this book portable opens up a brand new world of shopping, exploring and communicating EXACTLY what you mean when trying to get your ideas & points across.**

Now for the eye candy...these are just a few of the gorgeous pictures in this book. 
Trust me, you will want to see more. Buy the book.

Picture 14
1. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 13
2. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 10
3. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 8
4. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 7
5. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 5
6. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 6
7. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 3
8. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 11
9. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Picture 9
10. Photographs © Rizzoli Publishing

Which of the above photos appeal to you? Look at these in the abstract and not necessarily what you would implement in your own home. Does one of these "speak" to you?


*Thank you Rizzoli for the opportunity to review*


elizabeth said...

so I am guessing you like your ipad-???
love the pictures
i voted for the yellow kitchen
but the room w/ the maps on the wall is just about even with it.

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

Love them all but the striped wall just about gave me a heart attack!

Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, those are great pictures!

Mariana Eguaras said...

Hello Beachbrights!
Thank you very much for your compliments to my book, and the publication on Amazon. I edited this book with great affection.
Greetings from Barcelona

PS: my surname is "Eguaras" not Equares :-)