Princess Alexa Foundation...NEEDS YOUR HELP!

If you read this blog...then you can help!  If you live in the DFW area, then you can help even more!

On June 25th, it will be the one year anniversary that Alexa Aigner became an angel. Her parents have worked hard this year on a foundation in her honor. They are opening the dress up closets at Children's Medical Center Dallas on June 25th. Crys has sent out an email asking for help so I'm posting it in case any one is interested. 

Hi Volunteers of The Princess Alexa Foundation-

Thank you again for all your help and support you have provided us so far. In addition to serving families with children on hospice care in the DFW area, we have given 
Dress Up Deliveries to many children across the U.S. On June 25th, we will be celebrating the opening of the dress up closets at Children's Medical Center Dallas. I am calling on you again to ask for your help with this exciting event.

The event will be held at Children's Medical Center. Every seriously ill child in the hospital at the time will be invited as well as the children who are being treated at the various clinics. The theme is going to be "You're the Star!" The kids will all get to pick out a costume and accessories, dress up as much as they want to, take pictures in front of a stage backdrop and get a copy of them. The older girls will get Mary Kay makeup and the older boys so far have some Quicksilver brand hats- we are working on getting more for them. We will have a beautiful cake, light refreshments and drinks. The closets will be featured with a ribbon cutting ceremony as well. After the party, we will be taking the closets (with the princesses and superheros) around the hospital to children who are too ill to leave their rooms. Very exciting!

With this party in mind, we are calling on our volunteers for help:

If anyone has any contacts with companies that supply decorations, please let us know. Also, we need a couple of men to play superheros and we need costumes for them too. If anyone can help with that, it would be great! 

We also need volunteers the day of the event to help us pack up and deliver the costumes from Keller to Dallas earlier in the day. At the hospital, we need help with decorating/cleaning up, working with the kids, passing out costumes, etc., Depending on the hospital's volume at the time we could have a ton of kids or a very manageable amount, so we need to prepare for the most. Please let me know if you are available and would like to help. Thank you again for your dedication to this very important and moving cause.

Children's Closet Opening Launch Party
June 25th, 2-4pm
Children's Medical Center Dallas
Moore Auditorium
-- Crys AignerFounder, DirectorPrincess Alexa Foundation

Please consider donating (money or costumes), volunteering, posting this on your blog or praying for this foundation. They do good things for very ill children.

I will hug my little Max extra tight tonight.

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